Annual Reports

For the first time, the Clay County Sheriff’s Office is providing an annual report to the community it serves.

“A report like this is important to show the community how we use their tax dollars and let them hold us accountable,” Sheriff Will Akin said. “It’s also a comprehensive view of most everything the Sheriff’s Office does, many of which are tasks that don’t make headlines but are vital to our County.”

The digital report shares highlights and statistics from nearly every unit of the Sheriff’s Office, from Court Security to Detention to Sex Offender Registration and Enforcement. It shows the growth of the Sheriff’s Office in staff and budget to accommodate the growth in things like reported incidents (up 28% over 2020) and service of civil orders (up 15% over 2020). These reflect the growth of Clay County, which now stands at more than a quarter million residents. The report also highlights the Sheriff’s Office’s increased community involvement in 2021.