Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Generally speaking, no, they cannot as Smithville Lake and most State Parks are public parks that have playground equipment somewhere on the property.

Sex Offenders also may not be present on or loiter within 500 feet of any public park with playground equipment.

Not by Worlds of Fun policy, however, there is no law stating that they can’t since it is a privately owned park that is open to the public.

Yes, unless it is a condition of their Probation or Parole stating they cannot.

Only if permission is obtained from the superintendent.


If you have enough cash to pay the bond, you can do so at the Detention Center Lobby at 14 S. Water St., Liberty, Mo. Otherwise, you will need to contact a bonding company.

Go to the Detention Center Lobby at 14 S. Water St., Liberty, Mo., whenever the Clay County Circuit Court is closed.

Traffic complaint form

Crash Reports are available for purchase online at You will need your report number. If you do not have it, call us at 816-407-3700, and we can look it up for you.

You only need to fill out these three fields on the BuyCrash site:

State – Missouri
Jurisdiction – Clay County Sheriff
Report Number

Leave all other fields blank.

In accordance with RSMo. 57.278, 57.280 and 488.435, the Clay County Sheriff’s Office charges the following fees for service:



Service Fee

Execution of Levy


Restitution (Possession)


Nulla Bona (Execution)


Writ of Sequestration





$50 - $30 for each additional defendant served

Summons Post Serve Mail













(This is usually two parts, a summons [$50] and the replevin [$50])


Civil Subpoena

$20 - $5 for each additional person

Notary fee (per every paper for courts outside Missouri)


Criminal Subpoena served





The Sheriff’s Office accepts only cash, check or money order for payment. Questions about when orders are served or payment? Call 816-407-3766.


A: Tier 1 – Once a year in the month of their birth

Tier 2 – In the month of their birth and the subsequent 6 month after (i.e. April/ October)

Tier 3 – Every 90 days based off of month of birth (i.e. January/ April/ July/ October).

However, any time there is any change to any information listed in their registration, they are required to come in person and update that information within three business days. The information cannot be updated over the phone.

Call 816-407-3747

Learn how to reclaim your vehicle if it has been impounded. 

If staying in the country, just make an appointment with the Sheriff’s Office and report dates of travel and destination.

If going out of country, make an appointment and submit all travel information to include destination address/ dates of travel/ flight information and reason for travel MORE THAN 21 DAYS prior to travel.

If not traveling but staying at a temporary location, an offender must provide that temporary address with the Sheriff’s Office in which they register.

Call the detective assigned to your case

The only restrictions to residency are that they cannot reside within 1,000 feet of any public or private school or any state-licensed child care facility.