Drug Task Force

The Clay County Drug Task Force (CCDTF) is a member of the Missouri Western Interdiction and Narcotics Task Force, commonly referred to as MoWin. The CCDTF remains singularly focused on prevention, education and prosecution of illegal narcotic activity in the greater Kansas City, Missouri area. The CCDTF routinely partners with federal, state, and local agencies to prosecute cases of possession and distribution of narcotics. The CCDTF remains focused on combating the opioid epidemic by offering access to education, addiction treatment, and recovery resources both inside and outside of the MoWin boundaries. The CCDTF routinely travels to neighboring jurisdictions to assist with investigations when requested. The CCDTF partners with various agencies to investigate and prosecute illicit narcotics distributors who are determined to be involved with overdose deaths.

Do you suspect drug activity in your neighborhood? Fill out the Suspected Narcotics Activity Report. This will alert every member of the CCDTF to the potential problem, and we’ll look into it.

The CCDTF is currently seeing a deadly surge of counterfeit pills laced with fentanyl in our community. Learn more about illicit fentanyl and the danger it poses.