Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) Unit
27 S. Main Street
Liberty, Missouri 64068
(816) 407-3740


First-time permits

If you wish to obtain a concealed carry permit, you must first complete a firearms safety course at least 8 hours long by a state-approved instructor. You can find approved instructors by searching the internet. Once you have located an instructor, contact the Sheriff’s Office to verify they are an approved Instructor.

Once the firearms safety course has been completed, the next step is to apply at your local sheriff’s office. The application will contain a sworn statement.

Concealed Carry Permits are processed Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. 


What to bring to the Sheriff’s Office:

  • A valid Missouri driver’s license - If your driver’s license does not have your correct address; we will need proof of residency. (Current water bill, electric bill, rental agreement, etc.)
  • Copy of your Missouri State Instructor Qualification form (should be provided by your instructor)
  • A money order, cashier’s check or exact cash for $100 payable to the Clay County Sheriff’s Office (which is nonrefundable). We do not accept debit or credit cards.
  • You may need a birth certificate or documentation of naturalization if not born in the United States.

Upon receipt of an application, you will be fingerprinted. Within three days, the Sheriff is required to request a criminal record check from the Missouri State Highway Patrol and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which gives access to all open and closed records. The Sheriff has a total of 45 days to issue or deny an application, regardless of whether all background checks have been completed. If your application has been denied, you may file an appeal in small claims court.


Permit renewal

You may renew a CCW permit before it expires. The Sheriff’s Office will provide the renewal application. The renewal process includes a background investigation done at the time of renewal. Upon successful completion of all renewal requirements, the Sheriff will issue a permit that contains the date the permit was renewed. A concealed carry permit is good for five years from the date of issue.

What to bring for a CCW permit renewal:

  • Current driver license or non-driver license containing a CCW endorsement with current address.
  • If your driver’s license or non-driver’s license does not have your correct address, we will need proof of residency such as a letter or mail with your name on it. It can be rental papers, utility bills, etc.
  • A money order, cashier’s check or exact cash for $50 payable to the Clay County Sheriff’s Office (which is non-refundable). We do not accept debit or credit cards.

There is a grace period of six months, but there is also a $10 per-month late fee assessed by the Sheriff. After the six-month grace period, the applicant is required to undergo another background check and pay the $100 fee.


Concealed Carry FAQ's

What should I do if I change my address?

Any person issued a concealed carry permit shall notify the Sheriff’s Office of their new jurisdiction. The permit holder has 30 days to notify the new Sheriff after they change their permanent residence. The permit holder shall furnish proof-of residency to the Sheriff’s office of the new jurisdiction. The Sheriff of the new jurisdiction will charge a fee for processing of $10 exact cash or money order.


What if my Concealed Carry Permit is lost or destroyed?

Any person issued a concealed carry permit shall notify the Sheriff of his or her permit holder’s county of residence within seven days after actual knowledge of the loss or destruction of his or her concealed carry permit. The permit holder shall furnish a statement to the Sheriff that the concealed carry permit has been lost or destroyed. The new concealed carry permit may contain the same personal information, including expiration date, as the original concealed carry permit. There is a $10 exact cash or money order processing fee for the new concealed carry permit.


What should I do if I change my name?

If a person issued a concealed carry permit changes his or her name, the person to whom the permit was issued shall obtain a corrected concealed carry permit with a change of name from the Sheriff who issued such permit. Permit holders shall furnish proof of the name change to the Sheriff within thirty days of changing his/her name. The Sheriff will charge a processing fee of $10 exact cash or money order for costs associated with obtaining a corrected or new concealed carry permit.


Which states have concealed carry reciprocity with Missouri?

The Missouri Attorney General’s Office provides a map of which states recognize Missouri concealed-carry permits. Weapons laws in different states can and do have different definitions and restrictions. Because of those differences, Missourians who have CCW permits and are planning to carry concealed weapons while traveling in and through the states that now recognize Missouri permits may still want to contact law enforcement authorities in those states to clarify any specific questions.


How can I become a Concealed Carry instructor in Clay County?

Fill out the Concealed Carry Instructor application and return it, along with the required documentation and fee, to the Sheriff’s Office Concealed Carry Unit at 27 S. Main St., Liberty, MO 64068.