Ride-alongs with patrol deputies are intended to give the public a better understanding of what we do and why we do it. Residents 18 or older may join a deputy for a ride-along by filling out the ride-along application. Ride-along applicants will be subject to a criminal history check.


Ride-Along Application

This information is protected with multiple layers of security and will assist deputies in conducting a criminal background check.
If applicable

Address, City, State, Zip Code
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Ride-Along Regulations

1. The ride-along is an observer only and should not become involved in or interfere with any situation, either physically or verbally. 

2. Ride-alongs should be dressed in either business attire or neat, clean, casual attire. Jeans, shorts, spandex, leggings, T-shirts and sweats are not acceptable. 

3. Neither audio nor video recordings of the ride-along are permitted. 

4. Ride-alongs will be allowed to observe as much of any situation as possible, consistent with their safety, however, they may not leave the police vehicle unless given permission to do so by the deputy. Ride-alongs are prohibited from entering any private residence for any reason. 

5. Ride-alongs must pay for their own food and beverages. If at all possible, they will be given an opportunity to eat a meal; however, this will depend on the level of calls for services. 

6. The deputy may terminate the ride if the participant fails to follow the regulations or is acting in a matter inconsistent with the best interests of the Sheriff's Office.

7. The participant may request that the ride be terminated at any time. The participant will be returned to the station as soon as the deputy determines it is practical.