Ride-alongs with patrol deputies are intended to give the public a better understanding of what we do and why we do it. Residents 18 or older may join a deputy for a ride-along by filling out the ride-along application. Ride-along applicants will be subject to a criminal history check.


Ride-Along Application

This information is protected with multiple layers of security and will assist deputies in conducting a criminal background check.
If applicable

Address, City, State, Zip Code
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Ride-Along Regulations

Ride-Along participants:

  1. May not participate in the ride along program more than two (2) times in a calendar year; nor ride with the same officer more than one (1) time in a calendar year. This limit may be waived by written permission of the Division Commander. An exception would apply to the following: qualified volunteers, chaplains, reserves, auxiliary and sheriff's applicants with approval of the Shift Supervisor.
  2. Should not become involved in or interfere with any situation, either physically or verbally.
  3. Should never carry a firearm or any other weapon while on a ride (this does not apply to active commissioned law enforcement personnel).
  4. Are not permitted to take photography, video, and/or audio recordings.
  5. May request to take photos of or with their assigned deputy, but may only do so after being given permission from the deputy.
  6. Must follow all lawful directions of the deputy they are assigned to.
  7. Are not allowed to exit the police vehicle during a traffic stop prior to the occupants being secured, unless it is necessary to ensure their safety or in "deputy down" situation.
  8. Are not allowed to accompany a deputy into private residences or into any other place not readily open to the public when the deputy's legal basis for entering is not based upon consent (e.g., warrant execution, 3rd party call, crime in progress). This requirement may be waived if the person in control of the property expressly consents to the entry or when directly assisting the deputy (intern assisting with searching or evidence collection).
  9. May accompany deputies any place that is open to the public, subject to state and local laws (i.e. underage persons not to enter a tavern).