Tactical resources safely quell disturbance at Detention Center

Tactical resources safely quell disturbance at Detention Center


Inmates causing a disturbance in the Clay County Detention Center and then refusing to lock down tonight necessitated the deployment of specially trained tactical teams to restore order.

No one was injured, and all inmates were safely back in their cells by 9:30 p.m.

At about 6:30 p.m. today, inmates in dayrooms H and G became upset over being served pre-packaged meals for dinner. They demanded hot meals instead. The prepackaged meals meet all required standards for calories and nutrition and were served in lieu of hot meals due to visitations and optional educational and religious programming taking place inside the Detention Center this evening. This freed up staff to facilitate the visits and programming and allowed the inmates a convenient option to take with them to these events.

Inmates in dayrooms H and G began causing a disturbance and violating jail rules, at which time staff ordered them to lock down. When they refused, commanders deployed the Detention Emergency Response Team. This team is specially trained in tactics to de-escalate detention disturbances and keep inmates and staff safe. They were able to safely bring the 11 inmates in dayroom H under control. Dayroom H is the highest-security dayroom in the Detention Center.

The 20 inmates in Dayroom G continued to refuse to lock down. Commanders then deployed the Special Tactics and Response Team, which brought even more resources. The deputies assigned to this team were able to convince inmates to return to their cells and lock down at about 9:28 p.m.

No staff or inmates were injured.


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