Sheriff's Office releases 2023 Annual Report

Sheriff's Office releases 2023 Annual Report

Sheriff's Office releases 2023 Annual Report

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office has released its 2023 annual report, which shows dispatchers exceeded national standards in call-answering times, and canines located enough fentanyl to kill 42,500 people.

Dispatchers answered 98.8% of 911 calls within 15 seconds in 2023. The National Emergency Number Association’s standard is 90% of 911 calls answered within 15 seconds. Sheriff’s Office dispatchers also dispatch for the city of Kearney and several fire districts.

In 279 different searches for drugs in 2023, Sheriff’s Office canine teams located 85 grams of fentanyl. Two milligrams are a potentially lethal dose of the drug, meaning that’s enough to kill 42,500 people. (Due to the danger, the dogs are not trained to detect fentanyl, but they located it due to the scent of opiates in it or other drugs present.) The dogs also led to the discovery of almost two pounds of methamphetamine, and they directed deputies to 35 hiding suspects.  

These are some of the many statistics and accomplishments available in the report. From the average daily population in the Detention Center to reported crimes in the County to staffing statistics, the report provides a transparent look into all aspects of the Sheriff’s Office, including those that aren’t often in the public eye like the Transportation and Civil units.

The report is available to view online or as a .pdf.

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