Sheriff's Office investigating toddler left in hot car

Sheriff's Office investigating toddler left in hot car

Sheriff's Office investigating toddler left in hot car

Deputies received calls from two different people Monday afternoon, June 24, about a vehicle pulled onto the shoulder of the W Highway bridge near Smithville Lake. Callers reported a man standing over and possibly assaulting someone.

When deputies got there, they found the car with some doors open but no one in sight except a toddler strapped into his car seat. The child was red and sweating profusely. Deputies reported their in-car thermometers said the temperature was 100 to 102 degrees at the time. They quickly took the boy into one of their air-conditioned vehicles and tried to offer him water while waiting for an ambulance.

Other deputies started searching the area, following a trail down to the lake. There they saw a man and woman passed out on a blanket with an infant asleep between them. The baby appeared pale and lethargic.

The deputies roused the suspects, who appeared and smelled intoxicated. Deputies took the baby into an air-conditioned vehicle, then they asked the suspects if they knew where the toddler was. They didn’t. Deputies later located a large amount of alcoholic drinks in the suspects’ possession.

The children were transported to the hospital, and the Missouri Children’s Division took them into their custody. The female suspect also was transported to the hospital for dehydration. The male suspect was booked into the Clay County Detention Center. The case has been turned over to the Clay County Prosecutor’s Office for review.   

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