Sheriff’s Office, School District, investigate reports of assault

Sheriff’s Office, School District, investigate reports of assault


The Clay County Sheriff’s Office is working with the Excelsior Springs School District to investigate reports of a staff member purportedly assaulting students at Cornerstone Elementary School.

The Sheriff’s Office investigation is in addition to and separate from the School District’s internal investigation and an investigation by the Missouri Children’s Division. While the District determines whether their employees violated district policies, and the Children’s Division determines whether children are safe, the Sheriff’s Office investigation is focused on determining whether any criminal acts took place.

The Excelsior Springs School District has been cooperating fully with the investigation, and communication between the district and the Sheriff’s Office has been ongoing. The District and the Sheriff’s Office have a long-standing relationship of support and respect. The Sheriff’s Office is aware the School District also has been working with the Children’s Division on their investigation.

The Excelsior Springs Police Department asked the Sheriff’s Office to take over the case on April 13, 2022, citing a conflict of interest. The initial complaint was brought by parents of two students (not the same family) against a teacher at the school. The parents alleged the teacher physically assaulted the students. Since taking over the case, parents of two other children at the school have contacted Sheriff’s Office detectives with concerns about their children’s treatment.

The Sheriff’s Office is committed to conducting a thorough investigation into the allegations. At the conclusion of the criminal investigation, the Sheriff’s Office and School District will jointly announce the results.

Both entities want to be transparent with District families and ensure the safety of children while also ensuring the right to due process for everyone involved. Communication released from the District last week accurately stated their internal investigation and the Children’s Division’s investigation had concluded. The Sheriff’s Office’s criminal investigation remains ongoing.


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