Missouri City man attempts to break into school

Missouri City man attempts to break into school


UPDATE: 25-year-old Jonathen R. Estep of Missouri City has now been charged in this case. The charges are:

1st-degree burglary
Assault on a law enforcement officer
Resisting arrest
Misdemeanor assault.

Estep remains in the hospital receiving treatment from wounds he received from breaking the school’s glass door. Therefore I do not have a mug shot because he has not yet been booked into our Detention Center. He will be held on a $100,000 bond. 


The Sheriff's Office received a 911 call from staff at the Missouri City School at about 10:52 a.m. Feb. 23 about a man wearing only underwear trying to break into the school. The suspect was able to break out glass and enter through the initial entry door.

The suspect was not, however, able to make it through the second set of doors and remained in the vestibule, never entering the school itself. Staff placed the school on lockdown. An administrator was injured by broken glass as she tried to prevent the man from getting into the school.

When he could not get through the second set of doors, the suspect left and walked down the street, where one witness reported he may have tried to break into houses. He tried to return to the school, but a neighbor intervened and prevented him from getting in. Deputies arrived, and when they tried to stop him, he fought deputies, punching one of them. Deputies deployed a Taser, which had no effect. Then they deployed a beanbag round, which allowed them to get the suspect into custody.

The suspect appeared to be under the influence of narcotics and was unarmed. Investigation is ongoing.

The Missouri City School is a public K-8 school.

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