Grand jury issues no true bill in school abuse allegations

Grand jury issues no true bill in school abuse allegations


A Clay County grand jury has determined no charges will be filed against a teacher accused of abuse at Cornerstone Elementary School in the Excelsior Springs School District.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office submitted the findings of its investigation to the Clay County Prosecutor’s Office, which then presented it to a grand jury. The grand jury reviewed the evidence and issued a no true bill. A no true bill means that probable cause was not found by the grand jury to support a criminal charge.

The Excelsior Springs Police Department asked the Sheriff’s Office to take over the case on April 13, 2022, citing a conflict of interest. The initial complaint was brought by parents of two students against a teacher at the school.

The Sheriff’s Office investigation was in addition to and separate from the School District’s internal investigation and an investigation by the Missouri Children’s Division. The District determined their employee did not violate district policies, and the Children’s Division determined children were safe in the presence of the teacher. The Sheriff’s Office investigation focused on determining whether any criminal acts took place. The grand jury issued no criminal indictments.

The Excelsior Springs School District cooperated fully with the investigation. Detectives conducted multiple interviews of teachers and staff, as well as parents. They reviewed and documented all available evidence to present to prosecutors and the grand jury.

Everyone involved in the investigation is committed to the safety of children and a safe learning environment for all students.


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