Fake social media posts spread fear

Fake social media posts spread fear

Fake social media posts spread fear

Fake posts warning of murderers and serial killers on the loose are showing up on local social media group pages, sparking fear in the community.

On Tuesday, Aug. 16, someone posted in a swap-and-shop group on Facebook that a double murder had occurred in Holt and a manhunt was underway for the killer. None of that was true. A similar post about a wanted serial killer showed up today in a Raytown/Lee’s Summit Facebook group. That also was not true.

Scammers are posting to local groups on Facebook - mostly buying and selling groups - to spread fear in communities.

If you are in one of these groups, please report such posts to the administrators and to Facebook. Administrators, please don't allow these types of posts. And if you ever wonder if something really happened, ask law enforcement. Please know if there is any danger to the public, we will alert you.

Posts like these are popping up in social media groups around the country. Just in the last week:

Lincoln, Neb. 

Nashville, Tenn.

Massilon, Ohio 

Hattiesburg, Miss.

Please do not spread fear by sharing these fake posts.

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