Dump truck driver helps stop fleeing felon

Dump truck driver helps stop fleeing felon


A dump truck driver and a tire-deflation device helped end the pursuit of a suspect with multiple felony warrants.

Just before noon on Sunday, June 10, deputies tried to stop a truck missing a license plate, and the one license plate it had was registered to a different vehicle. The driver briefly pulled over at 210 Highway and N. Norfleet Road and then took off westbound on 210 at a high rate of speed. Deputies pursued the vehicle.

One deputy positioned himself ahead of the pursuit at N. Randolph Road and deployed his tire deflation device. The suspect struck the Stop Sticks but continued trying to flee. At the intersection of 210 Highway and Interstate 435, the suspect encountered a dump truck. The suspect tried to drive around dump truck but struck the rear of it.

The dump truck driver later told deputies he saw the suspect driver coming, and he purposely positioned his truck to stop the suspect. It worked. The suspect was transported to the hospital for a cut to his head. He was treated and released to the Clay County Detention Center. The dump truck driver was not injured.

Deputies learned the suspect is on probation and has multiple felony warrants from multiple jurisdictions for his arrest. They also located methamphetamine in his vehicle. The suspect is being held on a $75,000 bond for fleeing from law enforcement and possession of a controlled substance.

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