Deputies stop teen in stolen car who caused considerable damage

Deputies stop teen in stolen car who caused considerable damage

Deputies stop teen in stolen car who caused considerable damage

A 15-year-old who stole a car early Saturday morning almost struck a deputy on an unrelated traffic stop, struck an occupied parked vehicle, knocked down live power lines and crashed into a house in Liberty before being taken into custody.


Deputies first tried to stop the Dodge Challenger at 3:13 a.m. Apirl 6 at NE Great Midwest Drive and NE Parvin Road. It had passed a deputy at a high rate of speed and had no working taillights. The car lost control near 210 Highway, and deputies did not pursue it. A few minutes later, the Challenger almost struck the patrol car of another deputy on an unrelated traffic stop at 210 Highway and NE Chouteau before speeding away. Deputies again did not pursue it due to its reckless driving.


About 15 minutes after that, deputies patrolling near the Liberty Square saw the vehicle again. It was traveling more than 60 mph and driving through red lights, even though no one was pursuing it. Deputies knew the driver was going to continue to present a danger to public safety, so they moved into the area to try to stop it. They eventually located it again going southbound on 291 Highway at Birmingham Road.


When a deputy tried to stop it, it fled. Deputies pursued the vehicle until it crashed near 291 and S. Main Street. The Challenger sheared an electrical pole, knocking down live wires that started a small fire. It also hit an occupied parked car, a gas line, a mailbox, a treehouse, and finally stopped after striking a house in the 10 block of S. Village Drive. The driver then got out and ran.


A Sheriff’s Office K9 team located the driver a short time later near a creek in a wooded area. The suspect complied with deputies at that time and was not bitten by the dog. That’s when deputies learned the suspect was 15 years old and had recently stolen the Challenger from Gladstone. After being checked out at a local hospital, he was transported to the juvenile detention center.


An occupant in the parked car struck by the suspect complained of arm pain. EMS personnel evaluated her on scene. Otherwise, no injuries were reported. The cost to repair the electrical pole and wires alone is estimated to be $50,000.

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