Cyber security scam leads to $200,000 loss

Cyber security scam leads to $200,000 loss


The Sheriff’s Office is investigating a scam that led to a resident losing $200,000 this week.

A man called the victim saying her cyber security service had expired. He spoofed the phone number of the cyber security company the victim actually used and knew her account information. The victim reported the scammer did not sound like he was from the United States.

The victim allowed the scammer remote access to her computer. The scammer said he would refund her $1,500 for her security service subscription, but he accidentally sent the money twice. He asked the victim to return the money to him via a Bitcoin kiosk in Liberty. Over the course of several days, he continued to say he was working on her computer and requesting the victim make deposits at various Bitcoin kiosks. The victim soon discovered $200,000 was missing from her bank accounts. Investigation continues.

Some tips to avoid being a victim:

  • Never allow anyone to access your computer remotely unless you have initiated the interaction with a member of a trusted business or organization.
  • If something seems suspicious, call the company directly before providing any information or access.
  • Do not provide information about financial accounts over the phone on a call you did not initiate.
  • Legitimate businesses will not request payment via Bitcoin kiosk, gift card or similar unconventional methods. They also won’t “accidentally” deposit too much money in your account.

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