Clay County residents being inundated with scam calls

Clay County residents being inundated with scam calls


The Clay County Sheriff’s Office has fielded numerous phone calls this week from residents who are receiving scam calls made by people claiming to work for the Sheriff’s Office.

Administrative employees have even stopped potential victims just before they transferred money.

The scammers use both fake and real names of Sheriff’s Office employees. They typically state you have a warrant and can avoid arrest by making a payment, usually through the purchase of gift cards. Sometimes they ask for a wire transfer at Wal-Mart or through PayPal. The most common scam claims you have a warrant because you missed jury duty. Others have reported being told they are an expert witness and failed to appear to testify in court. A caller yesterday reported the scammer had even set up a Zoom video conference with them.

So far in 2022, victims have lost $20,360 in scam cases reported to the Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s Office members will never call to ask for money, nor will they call to advise you of warrants. The Sheriff’s Office also does not accept gift cards, Wal-Mart wire transfers or PayPal as payment for fees or bond.

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