The mission of our Training Section is to provide the best possible training for our personnel along with our outside law enforcement agencies and community partners. We strive to guide our personnel to be proficient in the basic tools necessary to perform day-to-day law enforcement responsibilities. We hope to exceed the expectations of our community with our members’ personal growth in areas like domestic violence, crisis intervention, tactical communication / de-escalation, and overcoming implicit bias, to name a few.

Our Training Section is coordinated by Sgt. Chad Wilderdyke. He guides our personnel on a path geared toward their career development as he maintains the trainings required by both policy and law. Members are welcome to give input as to what specific trainings they would like to attend. By allowing our members to take an initiative for their own career development, we aim for our members to have a sense of empowerment. This sense of involvement will drive our members to embrace change, create value, and inspire other to be better.